Legal Advice

Mandatory law

Drawing up sales agreements, gift agreements, lifetime and lifelong care agreement, lease and rental agreements, construction contracts, partnership agreements, lien agreements and other types of agreements. Representation in court and out-of-court settlements, court proceedings against insurance and other companies for property and non-property damage compensation due to occupational injuries, traffic accidents, etc.

Substantive and Land Registry Law

Reservation and registration of property rights, right of lien (mortgage) and other real rights over property on the basis of contractual agreements, court decisions or out-of-court settlements. Harmonizing the cadastre and the land registry, and resolving any outstanding ownership issues. Establishment and protection of property rights, acquiring real estate ownership by adverse possession, trespassing, drawing up partition agreements, representation in individual property proceedings, in non-contentious division of joint property and in dissolving joint ownership of real estate.

Inheritance law

Counselling and representation in inheritance proceedings, drawing up last will and testaments, contracts for the transfer and disposal of property for life. Representation in court proceedings contesting a will or lifetime and lifelong care agreements.

Family law

Providing legal advice and representation in divorce and support proceedings, in divorce proceedings involving minors, where decisions are made about custody, visitation and other parenting plans. Representation in disputes over the division of the property acquired during marriage, representation in procedures for establishing or denying paternity, representation in proceedings involving a loss of working capacity and the appointment of a guardian.

Enforcement of court judgements

Drawing up requests for issuance of writs of execution, complaints and appeals against writs of execution, drawing up requests for issuance of temporary and other measures. Representation in court and out-of-court enforcement procedures.

Commercial Law

Consulting services, preparation of documentation for the founding of a company and/or for the company status change, providing assistance during company registration, preparation of all normative acts, including those related to labour. Representation in prebankruptcy settlement proceedings, in bankruptcy proceedings, and financial restructuring. Representation in commercial disputes.

Administrative law

Starting administrative procedures required to obtain location, construction and other permits. Representation in administrative proceedings.


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