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Court Interpreter


sudski tumač žig
A court interpreter is a person appointed by the President of the County or Commercial Court to translate, at the request of a court, an individual or a body, written or spoken text from Croatian into a target language, from a foreign language into Croatian, that is from the source language into the target language that the interpreter works from and into.

Written translations certified by a court interpreter are legally valid and faithful to the original. Translations certified by a court interpreter include: personal documents, legal documents, company documents, medical documentation, technical documentation, and other professional texts.

Written Translations


Written translations include translations of: webpages, price lists, catalogues, declarations, CVs, and letters.

Every translation is proofread by a native speaker to ensure its quality and accuracy.



Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpreting is done while the speaker is talking, which significantly saves time, but requires additional equipment (interpreting booth, headphones, microphones, etc.) Our team of simultaneous interpreters has many years of experience and guarantees top-quality interpreting services during symposiums, conferences, seminars, workshops, trade fairs, press conferences, presentations, meetings, assemblies, etc.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpreting is usually used for events with a small audience (business meetings, meetings with lawyers, notaries, etc.). Consecutive interpreters translate to the target language when the speaker pauses.


Whispered interpreting is when the interpreter is seated next to the listener and interprets a speech in a quiet, but clear voice.

Escorting Interpreters

This service involves the interpreter accompanying the client to official dinners, meetings, interviews, trade fairs, conferences and other types of official and unofficial events requiring informal and spontaneous translation. Ideal for individuals and small groups.


We offer proofreading and revision of all text types in the shortest possible time frame. Proofreading involves grammatical and stylistic correction of texts in accordance with approved style guides.

Proofreading in Croatian is carried out by Croatian teachers with experience in proofreading, and proofreading in Italian is carried out by native speakers of Italian.


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